Rae Earl Appreciation Week:


 "Then that’s what you need to tell yourself every time you feel that panic, that anxiety. You need to soothe yourself like you would soothe that little girl."

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my mad fat diary meme × top10 favorite music placements

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Rae Earl Appreciation Week:

day one  favorite scene

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Rae Earl Appreciation Week (July 6 - July 12)

  • Day 1: Favorite scene
  • Day 2: Favorite quotes
  • Day 3: Favorite diary entry
  • Day 4: Funniest moment
  • Day 5: Saddest moment
  • Day 6: Favorite dynamic/pairing
  • Day 7: Free for all/your choice (examples: au’s, favorite outfit(s), episode, fanfic(s), headcanon(s), etc)

So, I thought we could dedicate a week to celebrate our love for Rae Earl, the main character of My Mad Fat Diary, from July 6 to July 12. Everybody is invited to participate and you can contribute with anything you want (gifsets, graphics, text posts, etc). Have fun!

If you have any questions, you can ask me here. Also, I will be tracking the tags #rae earl appreciation week, #reaw and #mmfdedit.

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my mad fat diary meme × feeling: happiness

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my mad fat diary meme × favorite rae outfits

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my mad fat diary meme × objects

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"Rae’s a beautiful person, not bitchy and broken like me."

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