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I’ll tell you how I feel okay? Two weeks ago, my wife kicked me out, I’ve been stopping on my brothers couch ever since, this morning I wake up and there’s no milk, I bought that fucking milk and he used it to drown his sugarpuffs in; so with no cup of coffee I come into work, I get shat on by a pigeon, I meet my new patient and she’s about as open as a nuns fu.

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"I always miss everyone when I’m not filming, it’s like coming home after the best holiday ever and you just want to carry on living it. I sit at home like wondering what to do! We all clicked instantly and I think that’s why people love the gang so much." — Sharon Rooney

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Season 3? Or nah?😭❤️

still no real news on a third series except for the news i just posted, but i would love to have a third one! but definitely only if it’s done right or is as good as the last two.

Wentworth Prison, My Mad Fat Diary, Cucumber: Tube Talk Q&A

Any news about a third season of My Mad Fat Diary?

I think we can all agree that a third series, (or ‘season’, if you lot will insist on talking like Americans) of My Mad Fat Diary would be incredible. However, since Rae’s (Sharon Rooney) adventures so far have resulted in some of the most funny, upsetting, beautiful bits of YA telly in ages, Channel 4 is rightfully devoted to making sure it won’t be a case of diminishing returns.

When we asked if there’s likely to be a third series of Diary, a rep said: “We’d love to bring the gang back again, but only if we’re sure we can make it as unique and special as the first and second series.” They added that the show’s future “depends on the key players in our very talented team” being ready and willing to return, and promised to keep us posted. One thing’s for sure, if My Mat Fat Diary does come back, it will be done right!


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[1/5] Favorite Characters

"Bad shit happens when good people do nothing." - Izzy

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How many seasons of Mmfd are there? (:

there are currently two seasons! we are still waiting to hear news on a third.

Rae Earl Appreciation Week:


 "Then that’s what you need to tell yourself every time you feel that panic, that anxiety. You need to soothe yourself like you would soothe that little girl."

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my mad fat diary meme × top10 favorite music placements

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